The proceeding before the Family Court involve matters related to divorce, maintenance and custody of minor children. We have expertise in handling all the aforesaid matters and have been successfully doing so for the last 20 years.

We also have expertise in dealing with Proceedings related to Domestic Violence and other quasi criminal matters related to Family litigation before the Judicial Magistrates and the District Court.

Stages in Contested Divorce/Maintenance/Custody Petition before Family Court

  1. Preparation and filing of Petition in Court
  2. Appearance of other side
  3. Counselling
  4. Filing, Argument and Decisions in Interim applications (if any)
  5. Framing of issues (framed by the Court)
  6. Evidence of Petitioner and Cross Examination (alongwith further witnesses)
  7. Evidence of Respondent and Cross Examination (alongwith further witnesses)
  8. Final Arguments
  9. Judgment

Stages in Mutual Consent Divorce Proceedings

  1. Preparation and filing of Petition jointly by both parties
  2. Counselling and cooling period for 6 months
  3. Filing of claim affidavits and judgment on the same day

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