civil lawyer

The Civil Law is unquestionably a must-have part of the law in each law following nation. The civil law of a nation or state is the set of rules, important legal points of reference, guidelines, and methods, which help the government or the law authorities to solve different non-criminal disputes among people and associations, over an wide different normal private issues and problems, aside from the politics, crime, and military issues.

The Civil law tries to settle the disputes between parties by charging compensation amount to the accused parties, rather than giving some harsh punishment to the victim. It is like a platform to solve disagreements between the two parties in the presence of law authorities, where a guilty party is fined according to the written law rules.

Functions of Civil Law

The civil lawsuit is written & systematically arranged rules of law. Its jurisdiction is taken from Roman law. Functions of a civil lawsuit include:

  • In India, there is a written, pre-defined constitution on specific civil rights areas (e.g., civil code, codes covering corporate law, administrative law, tax law, and constitutional law) for protecting basic human rights and responsibilities.
  • Only administrative authorities are viewed as responsible for all. There is a little space for judge-made law in civil, criminal and business courts, even though usually judges will, in general, refer to the past judicial decisions.
  • Courts are bound to specific laws from Civil Codes – that’s why there are the normally separate constitutional court, administrative court and civil court systems that speak on the consistency of lawmaking and administrative acts and implement that specific civil code.

Types of Matters covered by Civil Law

Being one of the most various laws, Civil law covers different matters associated with everyday life. The reach of Civil Law is broad as it covers the below sections of Law:

  • Real Estate Law: Deals with the matters of buying/selling of the property. Also, Rentals, Landlord harassment, Problem with tenants, etc. are covered under this section law.
  • Business or Commercial Law: Deals & resolves the issue related business, B2B organizations, Frauds in transactions, employee complaints, etc. are covered under this section law.
  • Education Law: This law makes sure the right of education to each child. It deals with the problems related to Educational Institutes, Firms, & Businesses. Also, with Student-teacher complaints, fake registration of organizations, any act of deception by educational firms, etc.
  • Consumer Law: Deals with the problems related to consumer law like unfair pricing, failure of the promises made for the products, etc. falls under this law.
  • Tax Law: Each matter related to taxation, like the filling of GST and other taxes, correct tax demand as per the rules, etc. are covered under this body of law.
  • Entertainment Law: Issues related to the Film & Media Industry are covered under this law.
  • Sports Law: Manages issues related with the sportsperson and the games played by them. Issues like an agreement, trademark, criminal, offense, sponsors, & tax issues are solver under this group of law.